The beginning of our adventure

We started this journey 17 years ago on road to customers. We did this by self-learning knowledge to acquire customers early at the time with low prices. Early at the time it was hard to read/write the software of a vehicle. This made us good at the work we provide. The tuners at that time where the ones who self-learned the real knowledge of the industry. Today it is easy to read/write a vehicle since most of the devices can do this over OBD protocol.

Team expansion for widening our portfolio

At early 2017 we started X Performance as an official company to broaden our horizons. A major step towards achieving our future plans. Just at 2019 we started being one of the most populair chiptuning companies within Belgium and well known in Netherlands. 

This was just one of our goals. At 2019 we also started different company in the same branche. The firm is called . With this brand we want to provide very high quality tuning files for external tuning firms worldwide. With a current portfolio of over 700 customers worldwide What a good way to end 2019 right? Well, starting in 2020 we also launched our international webshop 'X Performance Webshop'. 

Very experienced in-house engineers and developers

We are very proud of well educated and dedicated team which all of them individually fulfill the needs of our company. From in-house tuning specialists to in-house marketeers which promotes our brands at its finest.